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Meet Dana

2 Jul

Me! This was the photo Mom saw of me on Craigslist. Was I cute or what??

Hello, My name is Dana and I am 5 years old. My birthday is April 20th. The most joyous day of my life was when my mom adopted me. Three years ago, my mom saw a posting online for dog adoptions and saw my photo. She knew I was the dog for her from that moment on. She arranged to adopt me through my handler (California Canine Academy) who was training me and my siblings to be service dogs. I liked to play too much so I didn’t graduate.

Anyway…A few days later when my mom went to pick me up, someone else had already adopted me. She was SO sad but decided to check out my sister, Ellen. While my mom was looking at Ellen, I came back with the people who adopted me the day before. They decided they didn’t want me because I am a girl. Weird huh!?


This meant I was able to be adopted by a new mommy! My mom recognized me from my picture immediately and ran over to meet me. Was this not fate or what! I was a little nervous on my way to my new home and to meet my new family, but the rest is all history now.

I love giving hugs and kisses and also having my tummy rubbed. I love when Mom takes me to the dog park to meet new friends. I used to go to work with her on the weekends, but the property manager said I wasn’t allowed to come to the office anymore. I love to run through the bushes, play with tennis balls, occasionally tease the cats, but most of all I love my soft and squishy toy with 6 legs!

What? I was bored! Me and my favorite toy!

That’s all for now, can’t wait for mom to get home so I can give her lots of kisses!!!